Useful tips for those who have not obtained the rules of run 2 are here: Press space button in order to perform a jump, use left and right arrows for navigating, press R key for reset and P key on the keyboard to pause the game.

About Game:

Run 2 is the second sequel of the popular addictive game developed by Joseph Cloutier. In the game, you are given the main objective cover the distance and run without stopping. Try to run as far as possible using jumps and the ability to switch gravity with the given walls. You are free to violate the laws of physics and overcome any obstacles. Play as a brave skater who constantly runs through the various interesting tracks. The antagonist of the game is your lack of speed and concentration. In this dynamic game you can risk a virtual life despising the law of gravity. As the game is based on physics you can touch the wall in order to change the gravity in order to take the full control of the game which starts from the beginning every time you fail. This self-generating feature gives you a unique chance to challenge yourself and get new rewards. If the main hero will fall off the main track, you will be able to resurrect him after his honorable death. In the second sequel, you can enjoy more beautiful and smooth graphics, new characters and opportunities, as well as new obstacles and bonuses. The continuation of the acclaimed hit offers you new game modes and new challenges. This is the case when the second part of the game definitely better than the first. Now you can show the strength, agility and courage on the track to become a superstar runner. The first thing that catches the eye is the graphics that have become much more realistic and cheerful in the second sequel. Textures are more detailed and do not cause the pain in the eyes. One you become acquainted with the game rules, the rest should not cause any difficulties. Test yourself in this game, using clear instructions to control the character during the game. On your way, you will meet breathtaking obstacles that require excellent response from you, so feel them under your feet and be prepared for a rapid race on a new track. In the game, you are given an opportunity to change the given keys by pressing another key before the game starts. You can select the level and the frame rate. There are three types of frame rates: normal, high and maximum. Pick the one you would like to play along with the quality: low, medium and high. The game is given in two speed formats, both fast and normal. In addition, you can some bonuses in the game. Remember, time is running out, so pick up bonus seconds and try to reach the end of the track in time! So what are you waiting for? Play Run 2 and have fun with us.
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